Friday, October 10, 2008

Sailing "Catalyst"

This blog documents the 'adventures' of sailing Catalyst, my 1976 Pearson 26 sailboat. I'm the third owner and Catalyst has spent her entire life in and around Chesapeake Bay. Her first owner kept her in/near Annapolis. My friend Jon's family owned her from about 1982-2003, keeping her at Solomon's Island for several years, and then in Washington, DC and Mason Neck, VA. Since 1993 or so Catalyst has lived on the Occoquan at Mason Neck, VA.

I bought Catalyst in February 2003. I was going to change the name but 3 days after the closing on my slip purchase in September 2003, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isabelle came roaring through, causing $300,000 damage to the docks. Thanks to my 2 days of work tying Catalyst up in a spider web of lines, she came through without a scratch. The name suddenly seemed right and the name stayed.

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villagaiac said...

So now ye're ready for the ocean blue! If gentlemen don't sail in 25 knots, become a pirate.
AAARRRR. I had some trouble meself between St. Lucia and St. Vincent but still breathe. Shipwrecked once(different year) what's a broken bone?! AAARRRR. I enjoyed your tale. Thank you. Marilyn Schulz or (named after me hideaway in the French West Indies).